Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, Embracing the Future

The EveryAge Foundation provides benevolent support for people in need and funding for programs that enrich the lives of the EveryAge family.

Our 2023 Featured Funds

Grants aid for employees who find themselves in an unexpected financial hardship. Eligible employees have been employed with EveryAge for at least one year and apply through their Executive Director.

Covers administrative costs and special projects.

Furnishes programs, equipment, and more to support the Chaplain’s important work and enhance the spiritual life experience for all residents.

Enriches life for everyone on campus by sponsoring programs, activities, and special projects.

UCC Family Fund
Provides partial assistance to potential residents in the form of subsidies for entrance fees or monthly fees. United Church of Christ (UCC) members and/or 10+ year employees of the UCC or its member ministries are eligible to apply.

Provides financial support for new ideas, devices or methods. Funds will be used to support the not-for- profit mission of EveryAge and position the organization as a leader and innovator around the most challenging issues facing seniors today and into the future.

Assists residents under contract whose financial resources have depleted through no fault of their own. This fund also assists indigent residents with hair care services.

Renews and celebrates a resident’s passion for life by providing longed-for experiences. Dreams granted have included a day at the ballpark, music lessons, a trip to a skydiving simulator, etc.

Reimburses tuition and book expense for employees who want to enhance their work-related skills or advance to a new level. Employees are reimbursed based on their academic achievement and must be employed for one year to be eligible.

Available for a gift of $100,000 or more. Paperwork is required before death.

Planned Giving

There are as many different ways to support the EveryAge Foundation as there are needs for your support. Planning a gift is more than just finding a need.

Click the button below to explore information on:

  • Planned giving information and calculators
  • Free estate planning guides
  • Up-to-date tax changes and laws
  • Bequest language
  • Donor stories
  • Latest news articles on planning, savvy living, finance and much more!

Legacy Giving provides the resources necessary to sustain excellence and preserve the future of the programs at EveryAge.

Foundation Board of Trustees

The EveryAge Foundation’s success is in large part a credit to our Board of Trustees. The board is filled with people who possess outstanding qualifications and strong dedication to improving the lives of our residents and employees.

2022-2023 EVERYAGE foundation board OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS

Rev. Larry Bolick – Chair

Dr. Leroy Howell – Vice-Chair

Mrs. Melva Cooper – Secretary

Mr. Joe Beaman – Treasurer

Mr. Parker Howell– Additional Member

Ms. Lee Syria, EveryAge President & CEO – Additional Member

To be announced, EveryAge Foundation President – Assistant Secretary to the Board

To be named, EveryAge CFO – Assistant Treasurer to the Board

2022-2023 Board Of Trustees Members

Mr. Ray Blaum, Suffolk, VA

Rev. Larry Bolick, Salisbury, NC

Mr. Joe Beaman, Newton, NC

Mrs. Melva Cooper, Newton, NC

Ms. Barbara Ellington, Suffolk, VA

Mrs. JoAnne Flick, Taylorsville, NC

Mrs. Marcia Hoffmann, Thomasville, NC

Dr. Leroy Howell, Suffolk, VA

Mr. Parker Howell, Suffolk, VA

Mrs. Beverly Lanzer, Thomasville, NC

Mr. Henry Simpson, Suffolk, VA

Rev. Brad Thie, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Ted Wilson, Blowing Rock, NC

Ex-officio MEMBERS (with voice and vote)

Ms. Lee Syria, Cornelius, NC

Ex-officio MEMBERS (non-voting)

Member to be named

Rev. Dr. Edward Davis, Burlington, NC

Member to be named

Foundation Staff

Vice President of Philanthropy

To Be Announced

A love of philanthropy takes root at a young age. Stay tuned to learn more about our new Foundation president and the qualities that make our new hire a great fit for mission-focused work at EveryAge.


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